Looking for accurate information and analysis at every stage of the fund cycle? From analysis to monitoring, to value realisation, we aggregate your complex source data so you have informed conversations with your management teams. At the portfolio level we deliver portfolio performance insights, stress tests and forecasts you can rely on. You can trust us to help you make better decisions.

Three Key Reasons To Choose Numeritas For Your Fund Analysis


Reports produced with minute attention to detail


Our methodologies support your risk management


You can trust our years of experience in this field

Here are just a few of the ways we can help your business


Make financial forecasts you can trust

Reducing risk

Stress test options to inform your risk management


Data can be accessed and extracted from multiple systems


Complex information presented with clarity

Improving Efficiency

Financial staff are released to perform other duties


The reports we produce are clear and easy to read

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Our Work

To confirm why Numeritas is best for your modelling needs, check out what we’ve done for clients just like you.


Generation IM / Group Management Reporting

Financial Sector


Renewable fund / Onshore Windfarm Financial Close Model

Renewable Energy


Valad Management Services / Real Estate Fund Model

Financial Sector