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Model Risk Management

Do you want a robust model or just a tick in the box?


DATE: Thu 24 Aug 2017
BY: Stephen Aldridge

We audit a lot of models here at Numeritas and this question comes up from time to time. Some clients want their model to be ‘right’ and others seem not to care whether the model is right or not, as long as they get a ‘tick in the box’.

Business Modelling

How to build a financial model from scratch

TAGS: Best Practice, Model Build, Excel

DATE: Tue 13 Jun 2017
BY: Metin Ibrahim

Just like a blank canvas, looking at a new spreadsheet can be surprisingly scary to deal with - there are so many endless possibilities it can be a daunting place to start.

Model Risk Management

Do you spell check?

TAGS: Risk, error, testing, test

DATE: Tue 14 Mar 2017
BY: Stephen Aldridge

What about spreadsheets? Are you happy sending out a spreadsheet without checking it first? If you said yes, you aren’t alone. When you have a spreadsheet ‘model’ (i.e.

Model Risk Management

Model maps - getting to grips with a new model

TAGS: Model maps, risk management, Free Excel software

DATE: Mon 17 Oct 2016
BY: Stephen Aldridge

We see a lot of models here at Numeritas, so it’s essential that we can get the measure of them quickly.