Real Business Modelling

When it comes to business and financial modelling, we use our knowledge and experience in collaboration with you to deliver real results. Our strength is trusted across a variety of sectors where we help our clients to shine. It’s our focus on modelling, and responsive level of service, that make us so valuable. let us help you too.

Complete Suite Of Modelling Services

Like our global clients across a range of sectors, you’ll be delighted with the work we do for you. Here are three of the main reasons why.


Your complex business issues simplified into easily manageable information.


Every model double-checked for accuracy, so you can be confident in the output.


Gain understanding of the key drivers and risk factors for your business decisions.

Our Values

Check our values to see how they fit with your organisational culture and expectations.


We keep it real. Our people are authentic, honest, and act with integrity to provide tangible output and analysis that are relevant and useful.


No matter how tough the challenge, it can be done! we will do everything we can to amaze you, & then celebrate your success as if it were our own.


Our approach, tools and innovative methods enable you to rise above the number crunching, see the business impact, and realise your potential.


Working closely, we share and bounce ideas around. Using a partnership approach with clients, we help solve business challenges as part of your team.


Global clients have confidence in our integrity and trust us. Every member of our team acts like an ambassador for us.


Problem solvers with an uncompromising attention to detail. Shining a spotlight on your purpose, we "keep our eyes on your prize".


With years of experience in consulting, we have earned our stripes, and combine fresh thinking with efficient use of technology


Chosen by amazing clients for our wealth of technical skills, we always get outstanding results through our collective effort and drive.


Attentive to your needs, ideas, and thoughts, we have the flexibility and commitment to act quickly. This is how we help "move your mountains".

Meet The Team

Listed below are key members of our team.

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Denver McCann

Denver McCann


Founder / Managing Director

I see our clients being amazed at what we deliver, and that inspires me to continue to innovate, grow and develop my team, myself and our proposition. We provide an outstanding service experience – responsive, focused and trusted by our clients to get the job done, providing real tangible results.

Stephen Aldridge

Stephen Aldridge


Managing Director

From the very start, we’ve had a genuine, deep-seated desire to do the right thing for our clients and to be the very best we can be. That drives everything we do, from recruitment to delivery. You’ll find us refreshingly honest, commercially minded and dedicated to your long-term success - and that’s before we start work. Let’s talk.

Christine Donnet

Christine Donnet


Ralph Hill

Ralph Hill

BSc (Hons), FCA

Tom Stott

Tom Stott

BA (Hons)

Tushar Naik

Tushar Naik


Asha Manoharan

Asha Manoharan


Tom Anguige

Tom Anguige

BA Hons

Rohan Gleeson

Rohan Gleeson

B.Comm B.Ec

William Reed

William Reed