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Trouble installing or running?

If you have downloaded nXt but are having difficulty, it may be necessary to change some settings in order to run it. Below are known issues and solutions:

Macros disabled by default

Microsoft have added security checks to Windows, which disable macros by default in workbooks that have been downloaded from the internet. They call this “Mark of the Web”.

If you encounter this, you can manually enable macros in nXt as follows:

  1. Navigate to the file location for the nXt add-in. If you used the installer, this is the location:
  2. C:\Users\[Your user name]\AppData\Roaming\Numeritas\nXt_lite
  3. Right click on the file nXt (it may be displayed as nXt.xlam depending on your settings) and select properties.
  4. In the Properties dialog box on the General tab, you will see a security section at the bottom. Check the Unblock checkbox.
  5. Click OK

You should now be able to run nXt normally.

Further information can be found on Microsoft’s website:



Virus checker blocks access to nXt or the installer

nXt has been whitelisted by Avast and Kaspersky virus checkers.

If you encounter any other virus checker blocking access to nXt, we will happily contact them and attempt to get whitelisted for those virus checkers as well. Please contact us at ku.oc.satiremun@ofni and tell us which virus checker you use if this happens to you.


Unable to download nXt

If you have been unable to download the nXt installer or nXt itself, please contact us at ku.oc.satiremun@ofni and we will try to help you install nXt manually.