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5 Ways to Make Better Business Decisions

Download our latest whitepaper to help you make better decisions in your financial modelling.
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Video Testimonial – Credit Spring

Jim Donnet, CFO of Credit Spring, shares how, after acquiring a third-party software package, their need to extract a lot of data from their database ...
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Video Testimonial – Town Centre Regeneration

Conrad Bacon, Director at Town Centre Regeneration, shares how Numeritas brought rigour and reliability to their financial models in a tight timescale which resulted in ...
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Video Testimonial – VSB Energy

Dominik Simon, who is responsible for VSB Energy’s financial models, shares how they collaborated with Numeritas on some particularly complex modelling that needed to work ...
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Video Testimonial – The CFO Centre

James Deeney, Consultant CFO at the CFO Centre, shares how Numeritas helped build a robust model to project the organisation’s growth scenarios for either a ...
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How To Build a 3-Statement Model

Are you struggling to make your balance sheet balance? In this short video, Evie Murphy gets back to the real basics to show you the ...
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Numeritas & DataBlend – Become a Data Management Superhero – Webinar

Image of a forecasting model with the words 'world crisis?' and an arrow pointing down Blog

Did Forecasting Die of COVID?

Did forecasting models fail us when it comes to COVID-19?  This article explores why the risk of a future pandemic wasn’t considered in forecasts and ...
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Reducing Noise in Decision Making

What can an Ox tell us about how to run meetings better? In 1906, Francis Galton studied the judgments made by contestants in a competition ...
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7 steps to implementing the Financial Modelling Code

What is the Financial Modelling Code? The Financial Modelling Code, launched in 2018 by the ICAEW was the first document that describes widely accepted principles ...
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How we deceive ourselves

A lot of what we do during a typical day is done on ‘autopilot’, accomplished by our ‘system 1’ thinking – for example, you can ...
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Noise in decision making

There is (another) silent peril undermining our decision making. Unlike bias, which by now, most of us recognise, it goes largely undetected. “Noise” has recently ...
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Episode 27 - Cameron Miller, Carlton Power