The Vena technology platform is an agent of today's agile approach to business transformation.

VENA Solutions

Vena combines Excel with a centralised cloud-database, process workflow tools and powerful reporting and analytics.

Vena Solutions is a platform that redefines how companies manage not only their collaborative business processes like: financial planning, performance management, resource planning and monthly reporting but also many operational and support activities that need a robust, repeatable and controlled business process. Vena embraces the power of Excel allowing users to work in an environment that they are already aligned with, but without the pitfalls an Excel heavy environment creates.

Over 700 of the world’s best companies use Vena to get trusted insights that drive faster, smarter business decisions. Vena is the fastest growing company in its sector and a recognised leader in customer satisfaction and product usability.

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Streamline business processes

Cut your cycle times by up to 77%.

Along with speed Vena also significantly enhances data completeness, accuracy, and controls.

The process designer visually defines the process stages, tasks and decision points that cover the complete process, incorporating your timetable and business rules.

The Vena platform delivers process ‘transformation’ whilst at the same time embracing the familiarity and power of Microsoft Excel.

It overcomes process bottlenecks and delivers incredible scale-up potential whilst freeing up your team’s time resources, so you can do more with less.

Processes evolve and needs change and the Vena platform in concert with Microsoft Excel cannot be beaten in terms of agility.

Drive Strategic Planning

Drive smarter, faster and more effective strategic planning.

Make decisions based on accurate and up-to-date data—not gut feelings.

Set and deliver against your planning timetable with time to digest and interpret the outcomes. Embed responsibility and accountability into your process and your team – let them own their numbers!

The role of a finance leader used to be about tracking and analysing numbers. Now, you play a larger role in your organization’s strategy. The CEO relies on your insights to seize opportunities while managing risks.

Define and automate multiple what-if Scenarios, and make decisions and deliver C-suite insight based on a landscape of possible outcomes, not on a ‘single-point’ forecast that is likely to be inaccurate in the first instance.

Accurate Forecasts

Quickly pivot with agile forecasts.

Top-performing firms prepare their financial forecasts in eight days or less.

Forecast accuracy is a function of many elements, including up-to-date source data and your ability to collect and refresh your team’s business forecasting assumptions.

With Vena, you are able to tackle each of these tasks with speed and accuracy. This opens the door to ‘rolling forecasts’ and informed decision making.

A key strength of the Vena platform is the ability for business users to update and refine the platform architecture, and best leverage the agility of Microsoft Excel as and when the business needs demand it.

Dashboards and Reporting

Create insightful reports in minutes within Vena or deliver your data via Power BI.

Cut your reporting time by up to 99%—while delivering more accurate, insightful data – delivering three days’ worth of reports and forecasts to the CFO in just minutes.

The pace of business is accelerating rapidly. If you want to outpace the competition, you can’t afford to put key business decisions on hold—you need insights today.

Vena removes the manual steps from your reporting processes—such as collecting disparate data from multiple sources. With Vena, you can create insightful reports in minutes and free up your time for the in-depth analysis needed to grow your business.

Power up with Vena and Power BI for insights and device agnostic reporting and dashboarding.


Combine disparate sources, such as your CRM and marketing automation, ERP and operational systems.

In recent years, the CFO’s role has evolved from overseeing a company’s finances to driving transformation across the business. Vena helps you succeed in your expanded role by giving you insights into every area of your company—not just Finance.

The love of Microsoft Excel is not just restricted to the realm of Finance, it’s the modern day glue of even the largest most advanced organisations. Vena’s strength is that it embraces this ‘reality’, and it combines disparate sources of information, such as your CRM, GL, and marketing automation tools, along with a previously un-controlled spreadsheet universe and un-governed datasets.

Armed with this data, you can advise other business leaders in your organisation on how to better utilise this data asset and deliver more with less.


Extensive process automation opportunities.

Process ‘management’ tools ensure you always know where you are in a process and automatically moves the process forward to the next task or stage.

Vena’s data integration allows you to schedule your extract transform and load tasks to ensure source data is up-to-date.

Further automated ‘calculation scripts’ can be embedded within processes and create derived results without human intervention.

Lastly, reporting processes can be configured and scheduled to run, creating and delivering reports in Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint or PDF, directly to end users.

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