The Forward Thinking CFO · Numeritas – Episode 21 – Guy Ellis

In this episode of The Forward Thinking CFO we spoke to Guy Ellis, Partner at Rockpool Investments, a private equity business specialising in £5-15m investments into lower-mid market companies.

Returning to the subject of sources of finance for business in this episode, Guy is the perfect guest to share his incredible knowledge of the world of private equity. With over a decade of experience in the sector, having previously worked at Goldman Sachs and Alcuin Capital, Guy shares practical insights and tips to make private company investing accessible and transparent.

In this insightful episode, Guy and Stephen delve into: 

  • How Rockpool Investments differs from a traditional private equity firm
  • How investors choose where to put their money
  • What drives companies to look for investments
  • The role of the CFO in private equity investments

If you’re an entrepreneur or CFO looking at funding options, this episode is packed full of tried-and-tested advice and tips.

We’re keen to hear your thoughts on this episode, so please do get in touch below with any feedback you have.

If you want to find out more about Guy, check out his LinkedIn profile – 

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