Video Testimonial – Credit Spring

Jim Donnet, CFO of Credit Spring, shares how, after acquiring a third-party software package, their need to extract a lot of data from their database led to them reaching out to Numeritas to develop an interface to help.

Video Testimonial – Town Centre Regeneration

Conrad Bacon, Director at Town Centre Regeneration, shares how Numeritas brought rigour and reliability to their financial models in a tight timescale which resulted in clarity and confidence in predictions for the future.

Video Testimonial – VSB Energy

Dominik Simon, who is responsible for VSB Energy’s financial models, shares how they collaborated with Numeritas on some particularly complex modelling that needed to work smoothly across different scenarios and entities across Europe.

Video Testimonial – The CFO Centre

James Deeney, Consultant CFO at the CFO Centre, shares how Numeritas helped build a robust model to project the organisation’s growth scenarios for either a listing or private sale.

How To Build a 3-Statement Model

Are you struggling to make your balance sheet balance? In this short video, Evie Murphy gets back to the real basics to show you the essential techniques that you need to build a balancing 3-statement model. takes you through step by step how to build up your statements.

How to Calculate When a Period Will End With Excel’s EOMonth Formula

As expert financial modellers, we rely on the full range of Excel formulas to automate otherwise highly manual processes.  In this video, we show you in just 1 minute how to easily construct your project timeline and calculate all your period end dates.  Learn the tools that will deliver you the right results quickly.

How to Use Excel’s Index Match Functions in Combination

In the latest episode of our Excel how-to series, we show you how to use Excel’s Index and Match functions in combination for financial models.  In this example, we have a number of different inflation scenarios that could be applicable. Discover how to select the correct one using the Index and Match functions.  We also […]

How to use Excel’s Unique Function

Are you familiar with Excel’s Unique function? This new Excel function returns a list of unique values in a list or range, and is particularly useful when summarising data. In the latest episode of our Excel how-to series, we’ll show you exactly how to use the Unique function to:       Extract unique entries […]

Using Excel’s Filter function

Looking for an easy-to-follow explainer on using Excel’s Filter function? Be sure to tune in to our new Excel video guide, which walks you through the investment scenarios that this function can help you with. In just six minutes, you’ll learn how to filter ranges of data based on one or more criteria in your […]

Present Value

Present Value

Cash we receive in the future is worth less than cash now. Find out how to calculate the Present Value of future cash.We will use this in future videos to understand Net Present Value and IRR.