Have you ever read something full of buzzwords and jargon and thought, ‘gobbledegook!’? I have, and funnily enough, it was a draft version of this blog. 

It was just too generic, there was too much consultant babble, and most importantly, it didn’t reflect who we are and the fact we have an amazing team of incredibly bright, motivated people.

That’s why I want to talk about what really makes us tick at Numeritas.

In a recent team session, we discussed our values and boiled them down to three: ‘authentic’, ‘collaborative’ and ‘be better every day’. We all felt they captured the essence of working at Numeritas, but needed more context to help other people understand what they mean in practice. So we added a little colour:


Authentic We are trustworthy and genuine, always aiming to do the best for our clients and colleagues. We communicate openly and honestly.
Collaborative We are a team, we work together and with our clients, to add value to their businesses and our own, investing in ourselves and each other.
Be better every day We are proactive in our dealings, learn lessons from our failures and continuously improve what we do.


These values apply to the way we work with our clients and with each other, but they didn’t come through in the previous post I mentioned. It didn’t show authentically what it’s like to work at Numeritas, which is why I was struggling to edit it. 


Working with us and our values 


So what does working in a company driven by those values look like? 

In short, it’s intellectually stimulating, and you work with great people and clients who are changing the world.

At the heart of our work is Microsoft Excel and the amazing things we do with it. Specifically, financial modelling helps companies, funds, banks and other organisations make better decisions about the future. 

In almost two decades of experience, we’ve discovered the people who do this best combine intellect, curiosity and a desire to solve problems. And, of course,  they can’t get enough of Excel. If that sounds like you, you’re likely to fit right in.


Supporting each other


What we do is often difficult, but we look out for and help each other because that is one of our core values. We share knowledge, techniques and approaches so that everyone can benefit from the lessons we have learned. And when mistakes happen, we see it as an opportunity to learn more.

But don’t just take it from me, read what some of our team members think:


In my entire professional career spanning over 9 and half years, I have experienced the most collaborative team at Numeritas. Each and every team member is not just eager to learn but also share their knowledge leading to continual development of the entire team.” – GS


My Numeritas experience has been great since day 1 – having the opportunity to work with the best modelers every day is an invaluable experience” – SV


The knowledge that I have gained at Numeritas is a product of the many problems we solve on a daily basis and the support of the quality we have in our team.” – AR


Working in financial modelling and in excel means you can spend a large percentage of the day working by yourself, but at Numeritas that doesn’t mean you’re on your own. As we’re a small team, we’re all engaged in the ongoing projects which creates a collaborative environment – Knowing that if you need help or even just a different perspective it’s just a quick teams call away.” – EM


At Numeritas, the culture around improving our own capabilities, both individually and as a company, has been a breath of fresh air. We’re not simply reacting to the needs of our clients, but looking forward and identifying ways we can be better prepared to solve business problems they may face down the line. On a personal level, we’re encouraged to develop our skills, often with the help other team members, with bigger-picture goals in mind. That way, when it comes time to put those skills to use, we’re ready to get the job done rather than scrambling to learn on the fly.” – TG


Want to join a team like that? If you share our values and are an Excel-loving qualified accountant, we’re keen to hear from you so please get in touch.