Model Build


Numeritas developed a model using the latest Clients Model Build Tool (MBT) for a prospective investment in Poland for a wind farm generating c. 65000

Polish Taxation

We carried out comprehensive corporate taxation modelling for Polish tax regimes including capital allowances, interest deductibility, tax losses etc.

Contracts for Differences (CfD)

Our solution delivered detailed modelling with all the flexibilities and functionalities of the Polish auction regime, which provided support to new installations and plants.

Management accounts mapping

The model build tool allowed the client to map their internal management accounts with the model output reports, saving both time and effort.


The client required the model build tool (MBT) to be populated for prospective investment assumptions while generating key metrics that would inform decision-making.

They also wanted the model to include specific changes relating to the asset’s fiscal regulations such as corporate taxation and energy support regimes.

We assessed the underlying support material relating to the Polish taxation system, which was provided by the client. We also reviewed CfD regimes, and held detailed sessions with technical experts from the client’s team to fully understand and accurately model these policies.


The updated model build tool was fully equipped to determine investment decisions in Poland, and included the latest fiscal regulations.

While the new template featured specific adjustments for Poland such as corporate taxation and CfD regimes, which captured accurate representations of asset cashflows, the previous template’s existing functionality of management accounts mapping was retained. This allowed the client to keep track of actuals and their corresponding impact on financial statement reports.


Our model template captured the latest market developments related to CfD support regimes for new renewable installations, as well as the fiscal tax regime of the country. This enabled the client to make more accurate investment decisions in Poland.

The client now intends to use this template for future investment decisions, as well as a base to develop additional templates for different geographies.

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