Model Build

Skyrora Ltd

We supported Skyrora to rebuild its forecasting model and attract the financing it needed to grow in the space sector

Model Simplicity

We condensed the vast number of assumptions included in the previous model into a far more manageable input methodology, enabling our client to rapidly apply adjustments and test different scenarios.


The clear separation of inputs, calculations and outputs in our rebuilt model ensured the client understood the model’s logic and how to navigate it. This meant the hardcoding of output cells was no longer an issue.


Condensed inputs made it easier to continually adjust and test different scenarios, based on information provided by specialists throughout the business and updated actuals. We also created a dashboard sheet providing insights into the impact of various scenario changes on KPIs.


To enhance its ability to raise finance, Skyrora required a forecasting model that was simpler and more flexible, giving it the ability to adjust inputs and assess the impact of different scenarios.


We produced a three-statement financial model alongside KPI and graph outputs. This makes it easier for Skyrora to flex inputs and adjust for updated information from specialists and future scenarios. A dashboard, containing KPI and graph outputs, meant that the figures can be easily flexed to demonstrate the impact of different scenarios on forecast results. The clear and coherent nature of the model we built also means it requires far less developer input and can be updated by multiple team members.


Skyrora can now use the model in funding negotiations with lenders to confidently demonstrate the forecasted future earnings of the company, as well as the impact of input adjustments on these earnings.

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