Model Build

Sushi Retailer

Numeritas worked quickly to deliver a financial model for a producer of Japanese cuisine, providing a clear view of profitability at product, customer, & company level.

Enhanced Multi-level Reporting

We enabled user-friendly reporting to track KPIs at both ‘category’ and ‘channel’ levels allowing management to view both high-level group financials and more detailed profitability splits.

Accurate Forecasting

Incorporating detailed actuals into the model allowed the model to capture historical trends that could be used in reviewing forecast assumptions. To maintain flexibility, management teams can override business assumptions for known differences in business activities.

Future Proof

The model was made adaptable allowing the incorporation of additional customer groups and products ensuring robustness for long-term use. With sophisticated budgeting and forecasting capabilities, the client has the ability to identify future opportunities for commercial growth.


The client required a three-statement financial model showing both ‘category’ and ‘channel’ profitability. They’d outgrown their old systems, and financial reporting was proving time-consuming and cumbersome. 

The company also needed cash flow visibility and the ability to forecast future growth. Time was a critical factor, with a deadline of just two weeks to deliver the new model.


The Numeritas team quickly got to work, developing a comprehensive model that would deliver on all fronts. We created a tool that allowed the management team to view profitability by category and channel, supporting both high-level financial analysis and detailed breakdowns. 

Historical trends were also incorporated to enable informed forecasting, and the model was built for flexibility. New products and customers can be easily added, and managers can adjust assumptions for specific business activities supporting business expansion plans.


The client now has a powerful and adaptable financial tool that aids decision-making and enables the management team to streamline budgeting, forecasting, and growth planning. All turned around within a demanding timeframe.

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