The Forward Thinking CFO · Numeritas – Episode 19 – Team Discussion

In this episode of The Forward Thinking CFO, we’ve got a special edition for you. Taking a different approach, we’ve gathered some of the Numeritas team’s leading experts for a roundtable discussion on the impact external environmental factors have had on the sector in recent times.

The last few years have certainly been turbulent, from Brexit and the pandemic to the war in Ukraine and everything in between, but what can we learn from it?

In this episode Stephen Aldridge is joined by colleagues Denver McCann and Tushar Naik to share their experiences from supporting clients through these challenging times to explore:

  • Tools and resources that are invaluable during turbulent periods
  • The importance of being able to agilely re-forecast
  • How to effectively utilise the abundance of data now available
  • How attitudes towards forecasting and frequency of forecasting are changing


If you’re an entrepreneur or CFO looking to future-proof your organisation, this episode is packed full of practical advice.

We’re keen to hear your thoughts on this team discussion episode, so please do get in touch with any feedback you have.