The Forward Thinking CFO · Numeritas – Episode 27 – Cameron Miller – Carlton Power

In this episode of The Forward Thinking CFO, we go a little off-piste as Cameron Miller, the Hydrogen Development Manager at Carlton Power, joins us to discuss the current state and future of hydrogen in the UK. 

As the shift from fossil-based to renewable energy sources gains momentum, Cameron’s expertise sheds light on the pivotal role of hydrogen in this transition.

Carlton Power is an independent UK energy development company that develops and finances renewable energy and renewable-associated infrastructure projects, so it is at the forefront of the energy transition.

Cameron brings an innate passion for the ongoing changes in the global energy transition. During their discussion, Stephen and Cameron explore:

  • Why hydrogen is crucial for the energy transition
  • The UK government’s support mechanism for hydrogen production
  • The UK’s hydrogen strategy and its potential to replace natural gas

Whether you’re passionate about sustainable energy or considering investments in renewable energy projects, this conversation offers a valuable insider view.

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