Model Build, Transactions

Alight Solar

Expanding activities into utility-scale solar generation through two financial models that support investment and financing decisions.

Facilitate Decision-Making

Financial modelling tools were built to support investment and financing decisions, which helped the client expand in a new market of utility-scale solar generation.

Fully Adaptable

The model can now be adapted to different geographies and still be used at different stages of the investment phase (project financing, IC decision, operational stage).

Smooth Transition

Both models were built for different project stages, i.e. financial close and operational stages, to allow for an easy transition from one stage to another.


Alight Solar required a long-term solution to help them make investment and financing decisions across multiple geographies while also streamlining the monitoring and valuation of operating solar assets.

Their independent financial close and operational models were not sufficient for their needs as they were not working in alignment with each other. These models demanded more time and effort from the user to move from one stage of the project to the next.


We provided the structured solution  that allowed the client to use each of the templates both in tandem and on a standalone basis.

The debt sizing template enabled the financial optimisation of projects in the initial stages of the investment process. Meanwhile, the operations model template allowed Alight Solar to monitor and produce valuation reports for projects already in the operations phase.

This solution also permitted an easy transition from the financial close stage of the project to the operations stage. We achieved this by creating homogenous output reports from the debt sizing template, which could be used as input reports for the operations template.

This allowed the client to seamlessly track the progress of each project during different stages of the investment process.


Numeritas have enabled Alight Solar to effectively use two template models for various projects removing dependency on numerous models for each project. The uniform structure of the templates has helped the client become confident with their use.

Alight Solar will continue to deploy these templates for all its future investment activities across different geographies.

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