Reporting and FP&A

Centrica plc

Financial Planning, Analysis & Reporting Tool

Delivering cohesive, yet fit-for-purpose forecasting platforms for the British energy company’s 3 core business areas.

Enhanced confidence

A common platform to address multiple FP&A activities using appropriate driver-based forecasting

Consistent yet adaptable

The models are consistent, structured and able to be adapted to the dynamics of each business unit

Easily adopted

We used the tool that users know and love – Excel – but embedded with industry leading practices


Centrica has multiple divisions with many unique business drivers, and the scale of the organisation had resulted in FP&A models and tools being established as needed, rather than under a cohesive structure. That’s why the team wanted robust and flexible new models that would embrace the company’s global agenda and deliver efficient, driver-based forecasting that could give management the ability to analyse, based on unit-by-unit outputs and/or scenarios.


Following a series of planning and scoping sessions with group finance and unit leaders across the global business, we created new models with various helper tools that gave the business unit teams a common framework and platform from which to feed up a consistent financial output (P&L, BS and Cashflow). This provided the FP&A teams with a sleek, easily updated suite of forecasts and the ability to service “what-if” discussions with speed whilst providing ‘roughly-right’ precision.


The project focused on three quite different business units, and our pilot project delivered a template modelling infrastructure based on best practice and our extensive experience in developing FP&A models in complex organisational structures. Each of the three models was then tailored for the business unit specific drivers and underlying feeder systems. Our team also developed and delivered tailored training programs to assist in user testing and adoption of the models.

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